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October 27, 2010

WOW- What a Whirlwind!! ORDERS

Goodness- time is going by fast. It is so different with him home now. Still readjusting and getting used to things. He is used to just taking care of himself and I am used to making all the decisions. Sometimes is tough and we seem to be disagree a little more but it is getting better.

And we FINALLY got our much anticipated orders.


I am so beyond excited. It is weird that we finally have orders. I have been of course looking up tons of stuff and it can get overwhelming but it is worth it. The hardest thing right now is going to be selling our house. We will NEVER buy a house again while we are in the military.

The market is so rough right now and we only have a short time to make it happen. It should go on the market next week and hopefully sell soon. Such a stress just thinking about it. YIKES

Anyways- back to Germany. WHO has been there recently????

Dish the goods folks!

I need some good info. Base housing,  schools, cell phone service..........  You know- the usual stuff.  :-)

I kind of want to live off base but we can't decide. SO if you have been there do you prefer on or off base?????  You are going to be my poll. LOL

Have a fabulous week!  :-)