This blog is written as a way for me to express my feelings, thoughts and emotions as I go through life as a proud Air Force Wife!


December 22, 2011

Christmas in Europe

                   This is our first European Christmas and I kind of like it. I would like it more of course if our family was here. Holidays are always different when you dont have family around. Sure- this is not our first Christmas that we are not spending with family BUT the difference is the distance. There is something weird about being just so far from home. The feeling is weird I guess because it is that much harder to make it home for Christmas. If our family lived on the east coast it would be easier but alas out family is all the way in CA. That's is seriously far from here.

                       I do like it here because it is very festive and peaceful. It seems like the Christmas Spirit is just sweeter here. I love all the Christmas markets that you can go to. They are fully decorated and have all these cute little shops that you can just stroll along and have a nice family evening. They sell YUMMY Gluhwein that is warm sweet wine and Gluhbier that is warm cherry beer. It is only €2.5 and you give them a €2 deposit on the glass. You can choose to keep the glass or turn it back in for your deposit. They have different ones based on where you are and what the vendor has. hmmmm  I can see a gluhwein cup collection starting.  :-)

                When we did live near our family I remember the holiday struggle with who's house to go to first and when. Who would we spend Christmas with and who would do all the cooking and so forth. Back then it seemed like a stress just to have Christmas. I have told my husband many times since we have moved that I miss having so many options to choose from. The stress of having to choose where to go and when sounds mighty nice now.

It is true-- you don't know what you have until it's gone!!

       No matter where you are or who you are with this Holiday Season remember to take a moment and think of all those who are alone, less fortunate or in harms way. Even if your times are tough there is ALWAYS someone who is worse off than you are. Keep your head strong and a smile on. This is a time of year to appreciate everything you have and think about what is important to you. 

                         Many blessing to you and yours this Holiday Season!

November 10, 2011


Oh how having a teenager is fun!  I love the mood swings, the mystery and the chaos. I never know which kid I am going to get and how I should talk. The ups and downs of his moods are crazier than a roller coaster.

Of course I am currently the worst parent ever since I don't let him do whatever he wants. AND, OF COURSE- I am the only parent he knows that is SOOOO strict and has rules.

His big thing is that he wishes I didn't care so much. Why can't I be like the other parents and let him do what he wants.


Oh- if only life was that easy. I know I am not the only parent who has rules and heck yeah I care! I carried you in my womb and my world has revolved around you since that moment. Geeesh!!!  I am ready for these days to be done and in the past.

School is the best subject now. Why do homework???  Things that are simple turn into the hardest and most difficult challenges.

I wish we were closer to family so that we weren't the only ones trying to guide him. It's us against him he thinks. He doesn't even want to travel with us. SERIOUSLY- you don't want to go to Italy because that requires you spending time with us.

UGH!  Each day is a different battle. Each day it is a different winner.

October 5, 2011

I said I wouldn't get myself too busy.....

Well- Fall is definitely here. The tree's are changing and it is beautiful. The weather has been kind of crazy here since we got here. Our summer was really late to say the least. Still in the 70's but we didn't get that temp until Sept.

It has been a while since I have been on here :-( Bad blogger- I know. BUT I have been reading the comments and answering emails- at least trying in a timely manner. I have no real great excuse for not writing. It just seems that whenever I think I am going to have tons of time I sign myself up for things and get too busy. It is amazing how busy a person can be with no job.

I tell you- keeping up with all the schedules and appointments for my family alone is so time consuming. Plus, I have been volunteering with various organizations on base and adding to my madness.

I am truly enjoying myself here that's for sure! It is almost overwhelming though because you fell obligated to go see everything and that's just not possible without giving yourself tons of time to do it in. I feel like we are so close to so many things that I am being naughty if I don't explore everywhere. I try to pace myself but I do get anxious if it has been a few weeks and we haven't gone farther than 30 miles from our house.

This past week I found a great basket store that is 3 stories. I thought it was just going to be a small basket store but oh man was I wrong. The wonderful thing about that store is the wide variety of items they sell and GREAT prices. There are baskets in every shape and design but so much home decor and decorations to make your mind go crazy- I LOVE IT!! I told myself I need to visit there at least once a quarter. :-)

-----------> It is located in Dahn and called  (Korbwarenfabrik Hermann Frank). It is on the left right before you enter the village.

Another great store I found close to me is a German consignment store called TiTi's and is in Landstuhl.   Oh goodness me it was AWESOME! I love all the German knick knacks and do dads.

Well, I'm off to do my busy stuff. Will post soon about some great volunteering I did that I want to share about. Toodles for now!  

REMEMBER to get out and explore no matter where you are :-)

July 1, 2011

Help this 11year old reach his goal of thanking soldiers

This is a GREAT story on another way to help support the troops:

Rochester, NY, June 23, 2011 –

Stephen Goodman may seem like a typical 11-year old from Phoenix AZ, but Stephen has a goal that few adults, let alone 11-year olds, would undertake. Stephen wants to personally thank every United States soldier overseas, and working with Kodak, he’s already created 59,932 cards to prove that he’s serious.

So as part of an ongoing effort to support him, Kodak is launching a unique web page dedicated to his efforts.  By visiting supporters can read about this remarkable young person and his project, learn how to get involved, and view updates from Stephen himself.

Supporters of Stephen’s campaign can also log onto Kodak’s Facebook page and leave messages of encouragement which will be streamed onto his new site.

In 2010 Kodak first reached out to Stephen, who was inspired by his grandfather, a Vietnam veteran, and invited him to design his own card template using KODAK Personal Greeting Cards on the KODAK Picture Kiosk. In December of that year, the company donated 20,000 copies of the personally designed cards to Stephen to help him reach his goal. Since the original donation, Kodak printed 116,000 more cards and shipped them to him. Now, Kodak is giving people across the country the chance to show their patriotism and help Stephen directly.
“When we heard Stephen’s inspiring story, we wanted to help in any way we could,” says Rowan Lawson, Director of Worldwide Marketing, for Kodak’s Retail System Solutions Group, “Personalized greeting cards are a meaningful way to share messages of encouragement and thanks, and our Personal Greetings made it a natural fit for Kodak to support Stephen’s endeavor - it’s truly an honor to help him pursue his goal.”
From June 30 until July 9, customers can visit participating CVS/pharmacy and Bartell Drug stores to personalize and print Stephen’s original card design on the KODAK Picture Kiosk. A collection box will be stationed next to the kiosk where cards can be donated to Stephen and help him reach his goal of 180,000 cards.  As an added incentive, Facebook users who “Like” Stephen’s program by clicking “Like” on<, can sign up to receive a coupon from Kodak for a free Stephen Goodman KODAK Personal Greeting Card when they purchase one at a KODAK Picture Kiosk. This means each shopper using the coupon can donate one extra card to Stephen’s effort for free. The coupons can be redeemed beginning June 30 at participating CVS/pharmacy and Bartell stores. Customers can locate participating stores by visiting>go find stehen, entering their zip-code, then simply clicking “Find”.

“A lot of soldiers who served in Vietnam, like my grandpa, never got any support or thanks for their service,” says Stephen. “I wanted to make sure that every soldier serving our country today knows they are appreciated and never feels forgotten.”

For more information and to help Stephen reach his goal to thank all United States troops deployed overseas, visit

June 17, 2011

Good golly- where has time gone???

Geesh- you would think I didn't want to write on this blog anymore considering how long it has been since I have written!!

Well- that is not true.  Time has just gone by and I really have no excuse.

My hubs is in the states for the month and I am kind of jealous. He gets to go to so many stores and restaurants and he will understand what everyone is saying. He was able to spend time with family and go to places and understand what he was buying and seeing.

Don't get me wrong- I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT HERE!!  Would not try to PCS early and get back.  There are toooooo many other things here that are so much better than the states.

        I really like the recycling and how you bring your own bags to the stores. You don't get free    
             plastic or paper bags to waste.

        Most stores you pay a euro to use the shopping carts and then get it back when you return the
              cart. THUS- not a heap of carts all over the parking lots.

           The pastries are yummy to my tummy!!

          The history and beauty here is just amazing.

    And so on and so on---LOL

School is finally out and summer is here.  Or is it????  Where the heck is the summers I am used to. Sitting at the pool getting suntanned. Soaking up loads of Vitamin D and wearing super cute sandals. NOPE- not here yet. It is mid June and I am still wearing a sweater on most days. Goodness that seems like a crime.

Hope you all are soaking up some rays for those who can't yet!