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October 5, 2011

I said I wouldn't get myself too busy.....

Well- Fall is definitely here. The tree's are changing and it is beautiful. The weather has been kind of crazy here since we got here. Our summer was really late to say the least. Still in the 70's but we didn't get that temp until Sept.

It has been a while since I have been on here :-( Bad blogger- I know. BUT I have been reading the comments and answering emails- at least trying in a timely manner. I have no real great excuse for not writing. It just seems that whenever I think I am going to have tons of time I sign myself up for things and get too busy. It is amazing how busy a person can be with no job.

I tell you- keeping up with all the schedules and appointments for my family alone is so time consuming. Plus, I have been volunteering with various organizations on base and adding to my madness.

I am truly enjoying myself here that's for sure! It is almost overwhelming though because you fell obligated to go see everything and that's just not possible without giving yourself tons of time to do it in. I feel like we are so close to so many things that I am being naughty if I don't explore everywhere. I try to pace myself but I do get anxious if it has been a few weeks and we haven't gone farther than 30 miles from our house.

This past week I found a great basket store that is 3 stories. I thought it was just going to be a small basket store but oh man was I wrong. The wonderful thing about that store is the wide variety of items they sell and GREAT prices. There are baskets in every shape and design but so much home decor and decorations to make your mind go crazy- I LOVE IT!! I told myself I need to visit there at least once a quarter. :-)

-----------> It is located in Dahn and called  (Korbwarenfabrik Hermann Frank). It is on the left right before you enter the village.

Another great store I found close to me is a German consignment store called TiTi's and is in Landstuhl.   Oh goodness me it was AWESOME! I love all the German knick knacks and do dads.

Well, I'm off to do my busy stuff. Will post soon about some great volunteering I did that I want to share about. Toodles for now!  

REMEMBER to get out and explore no matter where you are :-)

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Don't keep us in suspense....what's the name of the basket store?!? LOL

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