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June 17, 2011

Good golly- where has time gone???

Geesh- you would think I didn't want to write on this blog anymore considering how long it has been since I have written!!

Well- that is not true.  Time has just gone by and I really have no excuse.

My hubs is in the states for the month and I am kind of jealous. He gets to go to so many stores and restaurants and he will understand what everyone is saying. He was able to spend time with family and go to places and understand what he was buying and seeing.

Don't get me wrong- I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT HERE!!  Would not try to PCS early and get back.  There are toooooo many other things here that are so much better than the states.

        I really like the recycling and how you bring your own bags to the stores. You don't get free    
             plastic or paper bags to waste.

        Most stores you pay a euro to use the shopping carts and then get it back when you return the
              cart. THUS- not a heap of carts all over the parking lots.

           The pastries are yummy to my tummy!!

          The history and beauty here is just amazing.

    And so on and so on---LOL

School is finally out and summer is here.  Or is it????  Where the heck is the summers I am used to. Sitting at the pool getting suntanned. Soaking up loads of Vitamin D and wearing super cute sandals. NOPE- not here yet. It is mid June and I am still wearing a sweater on most days. Goodness that seems like a crime.

Hope you all are soaking up some rays for those who can't yet!


Skinnie Piggie said...

The bag thing is the same here in Hawaii... we are charged 5 cents for each bag we need. I have enough reusable bags for my entire grocery shopping!

Anonymous said...

Europe is visiting US right now and going on an American junk food/shopping tour. LOL I know what it's like on both sides. Hopefully he'll bring you something good!

Reccewife said...

Here in Canada we have the same deal with the bags and the carts... I didn't realize it was different in the States :) I think I'd be jelouse of food from hom, too!

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