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March 21, 2011

The begining of our Germany adventure

Aaahhhh The beauty of Germany!  A picture does it no justice.

I took this picture as we were driving around looking for houses. Such beauty

Anyway- house hunting is interesting to say the least. It is almost as bad as black Friday shopping. LOTS of people and minimal houses available. Whoever gets their first is the winner of a place to live.

Kind of crazy but that's what happens when the base does construction and upgrades and loses over half the family units it had. I am glad they are upgrading and making new homes but it sure makes it that more of a tougher move overseas.

We used the "Automated Housing Referral Network" website that the housing office now uses. BUT if you just use that then it might take you seriously longer to get a house. We also used the Kaiserslautern American website and Ramstein yard sales. Both sites and additional units to look at. With so many people looking for housing you really have to be on the ball and have a plan. I would check the websites early in the morning and make calls to up my chances. Plus check the websites throughout the day to see if any newbies snuck there way in.

We were very fortunate to find a house near the base and very spacious. We LOVE our view and our close proximity to the base. My kids are able to take the bus to school and walk to the stop. We have wonderful neighbors below us that make it all that much better.

After living in TLF for 5 weeks we finally moved into our new home. It was an empty home with just borrowed furniture from the base but BABY STEPS. It was something.  :-)  So thankful the base even has loaner furniture no matter how crappy that hard as rocks bed was at least I didn't sleep on the floor.  :-)

No pooping on castle grounds-  geesh
 My first bakery visit was a YUMMY one
 A local church. So beautiful even in a foggy haze
 I have never seen a snowflake actually LOOK like a snowflake. LOL I know that sounds weird but I was amazed at how beautiful and artistic the snowflakes are here. This is on my daughters jacket


Anonymous said...

oh how much remind me this of our house hunting lol. we moved to grafenwohr and was looking for a nice a apartment :)glad you guys found one u like

Ponys that eat Rainbows said...

Awesome pics :)

Kathryn said...

WOW I cannot believe those snowflakes! SO cool!!

Katy said...

Love the snowflakes! Hubby and I would love to get stationed in Germany or Italy for a little while, and seeing you're pictures only makes me want to go that much more!

Our Little Fam said...

Ahhhh.. looks so beautiful!! House shopping there sure does sound interesting!

Kimberly In Seattle said...

Wonderful photos! :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the photos! I've always wanted to go to Germany! :)

Rach said...

What a great blog! You are so inspirational! If you get the time to check out my blog I would love your opinions!
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