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February 22, 2011

So this is Ramstein

Cannot believe we are finally here. It seems so unreal. Everyone tells you so many wonderful things about living in Europe and all that you will do and see. Now we are actually in Germany and it seems weird. We landed and were all tired after some serious lack of sleep.

You get on the plane at 9 at night and land during the morning at 10am and it only took 7 hours. We had dinner and breakfast and watched 3 movies. Plus napping in between since you can't really get comfortable on the plane to get real sleep.

We are off the plane and ready to conquer Europe!!

Oh wait- we have no car or home. First we need to check into the hotel and get a drivers license so we can actually drive to see everything. Hubby took his driving test before we left the states so thankfully he was able to get a rental car the first day here.

We were taken to our room and hubby left to run errands. The hotel seems weird because the appliances are in German and I have no idea if I can use the plugs. I look for the trusty hotel book that is left in ALL hotel rooms to give you information about the base, hotel and local area. NO BOOK!!!  You have got to be kidding me-- I am in a foreign country and this is the hotel that chooses NOT to use those handy dandy books. WOW  of all the places this is the one place where I really need that book.

So I call the front desk and no they really do not have those books plus she is unsure if our room has any American outlets. Guess I will wait till hubby gets back so he can tell me. The last thing I need is to blow up my laptop or something with the wrong voltage.

First task.......
Begin taking notes for future spouses who will be arriving here.

 So- I need to do laundry. YIKES!!  Hubby starts the washer and hopes he picks the right buttons. Over 2 hours later our laundry is done.  Not going to push those buttons again.

Found appliance manuals in kitchen drawer-- THANK GOODNESS. At least they left that


Beckie said...

So exciting! I spent 3 summers over there when my hubby (then-boyfriend) lived with his dad. It's amazingggg and I'm DYING for some of the food in town. You're so lucky!!

shareenliana.blogspot said...

The part about the Washer made me laugh. Growing up in Germany i felt the same way when i moved to America and had to use a washer. My husband just laughed at me.
Good luck with everything )

shareenliana.blogspot said...

Oo and i forgot to mention..i Have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award. Its on my last post on my blog. I have added a link to your page on my blog post. I hope you dont mind! Keep smiling. Shareen

Brittney said...

Washer and dryers take a long time over here. That's something we learned very quickly. The loads I do take between 55-115 minutes just in the wash. Most laptops are dual voltage, you will just need the plug converter to plug into the wall, shouldn't need a transformer. The BX here in Italy sells the cords that hook into the box on your laptop cord. That way you can store the part that has the american plug and plug in the one you just bought from the box into the wall. Very handy!

Anonymous said...

LOL about the washer, I don't even dare touch our Italian one...and we have been here over 2.5 years. I put laundry in one time and it was done 3 hours later.

Jenn said...

I think I would need to learn some German before even going over there. Talk to your husband about Rosetta Stone. Its not the full version but it seems worth it!

No Model Lady said...

I'm so (jealous) excited for you!!

Genoff Family said...

We just got a new front loader, and it took me a while to figure out all the buttons! haha

Anonymous said...

haha love the washmachine part. we are stationed in Viselck but i grew up in germany.. normally all laptops are dual voltage. haha need to follow ur blog,
wish a good day

Jen said...

yes, please take notes! we are moving to stuttgart in June.

WhisperingWriter said...

Ahh, Ramstein. I was there as a kid since my Mom was stationed there. I liked it.

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