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November 2, 2010

Next episode

Well, we are on to the next episode....... selling our house-- for real this time. LOL

We met with 2 realtors and are getting new carpet put in so that buyers will not have a reason to say no to our house.  :-) Luckily our house is only 5 years old with the biggest yard in the neighborhood. We are banking on the yard to seal the deal.

Our goal is to sell it in 60 days and then possibly leave early if the commander approves it. Once the house sells we really don't have any reason to stick around.

We found homes for both dogs. My mother in law is taking our yorkie. I knew it would be easy to find her a home- who doesn't want a 3 pound cutie patootie yorkie???  Every time I would ask someone if they could take our big dog Copper they would ask about our yorkie. LOL We did find Copper a home- pending that he gets along with the other dog in the house. My brother in law will be taking him. I will be so sad when we drop them off but fortunately we found family that could take them. Copper was such a pain to start with but now is a FABULOUS dog. He has his moments but we ALL do!

It's so weird knowing that we are actually leaving. I waited so long to get orders and it seems too good to be true. I am weird and I always think-- "Life can't be THIS good. When is the bad stuff going to start".

I will continue to enjoy the high of the good life and be SO THANKFUL for all our blessings for they are many.  GOD is good.

Have a wonderful and Blessed day!!  :-)


Expat Girl said...

I hope it sells quickly for you guys- how exciting, you have a whole adventure ahead!

Kathryn said...

Sorry you had to give up your dogs. But sounds like your moving is so exciting! Hope everything goes well, and good luck!!

Molly Danger said...

can you not take your dogs with you to germany? Good luck on the house selling!

AbbeyG said...

How very exciting!! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you guys get an awesome offer on your house in no time! :)

Birdie said...

I have those same thoughts!!! When things are going awesome I'm secretly waiting for the bottom to drop out:( Lucky for us sometimes things are just lovely!

Anonymous said...

That's sad you have to give away your doggies but I'm glad that everything else is going well for you!!

Brittney said...

I really enjoy reading your blog! And I hope others will too! There is a blow award waiting for you on my blog @ These Talking Walls

Grandma Sez So said...

Hi there. I'm happily hopping and hopped here. If you haven't hopped my way yet, here's the link.
~Laurie from Grandma Sez So

Key said...

awwww giving away the doggies?! i've been there mama, i know the feeling! hope you get your house sold quickly. happy vets day too btw :) take care

Michel said...

Hi, i am a new follower. How exciting that you guys got orders. I hope the house sells for you quickly and you get a good offer.

Susan said...

Just blogging around this morning and found your blog. My hubby is 20 years retired Air Force, and my oldest son fought on the front lines of the first Gulf War. I really enjoyed reading your page. That you for letting me visit.

somewhat nameless said...

The absolute best of luck with everything! ♥

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