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January 25, 2011

The funny and odd stuff with a PCS

Well, we are in full gear of the lengthy process to move overseas. A good friend told me this move would be so different then all our other moves and boy was she ever right! So far our mishaps, odd and funny things have been:

---On our passport application we gave the wrong official birth certificate. Apparently there are 2 types of birth certificates and they need the long version. We were not informed of this. Turned in our passport application the first week of December. We leave in 6 days and 2 of us do not have passports.

---Our official orders have an added child that is not ours on the back side. LOL  I actually know the mother and think it is funny but odd.

---We drove to Dallas to ship our vehicle and were told that we would be reimbursed upon our return. Upon our return we were then informed that we would be reimbursed in Germany---OK??

---Our unaccompanied baggage was picked up but is going to arrive the same date as our regular household goods. Apparently-- we should have shipped it a month before we left, not a week. Did anyone tell us--NO

---Our movers for our main HHG shipment were scheduled to be at our house Mon, Tues and Wed. They came Mon to pack us and said "We will be back on Wednesday". OK- so why the heck did you schedule Tuesday. What a wasted day in the hotel- but OK  :-)

---The packers can't ship "certain" liquids. I can understand that. He was packing my kitchen and left the dish soap on the counter. I assumed my sponge that has dish soap in it would then remain as well. Which is good because I need it for cleaning. NOPE- apparently you can ship the soap if it is in a handle sponge but not in its original bottle??  OK unfortunately I caught that too late and it was already packed not to be found.

---I had a bottle of wine that was 90% empty on top of the fridge. Surely he wont pack that since it is liquid and nearly empty and they have 20 bottles of liquid that they have set aside that they wont pack. NOPE- I caught him rolling it in packing paper getting ready to put it in the box- SERIOUSLY??  LOL I informed him he could leave it out because I will definitely be finishing that.

-- My husband emailed the MPF 3 weeks ago wondering what other out-processing he needed to do. Yesterday, they sent him a LONG sheet that he needs to complete. LOL  It is mostly online now but since the time is short and close it was recommended he walk to all the destinations-- sure thing.  :-)

I am sure all the funnies will continue. Take each moment as it is and don't worry or stress about too much. If I did I would need MORE wine bottles. LOL

The adventure continues...............


Jenn said...

wow that's funny. I am praying we get somewhere overseas next but with my luck it will be like Korea or something unaccompanied.

Chelle said...

I can't stop laughing. I just love the logic in movers. They did that to us too. They wouldn't pack any food when they were moving us within an 18 hr drive but yet they packed bread, perishables, open syrup, dirty dishes and the kitchen trash can with garbage in it when they moved us from Oregon to Kentucky and didn't receive our stuff till 3 weeks later. Go figure. Have a safe journey!

It's Something Beautiful said...

It's great that your taking everything with such a positive attitude and making fun of the little mishaps that sometimes happen. I think most people would be stressed out and what not. Good for you hun and have a safe trip to your new home! Wish you all the best of luck :)

Katherine ( Katie) Corrigan said...

Giggle, hang in there. We had a full trash can packed once.............Ugh!I enjoyed my visit to your blog. Wishing you happiness, Katherine

Jen said...

aaah! we are moving to Germany (Stuttgart) in June. I feel overhwelmed already!

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