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February 13, 2011

Moving is tiresome

Well, we made it out before the storm hit big!

We have been wanting some serious snow all winter and the day it decides to come is the day we leave.  What a day that was. As we are driving to the airport the blizzard conditions were starting. We didn't even think our flight would get out but it did. Out of Wichita we were one of only a few flights that actually left. We landed in Chicago not knowing if we were going to get out.

We were set to fly from Chicago to Baltimore but only if we could beat the storms. Fortunately we left Wichita at 6 am and were due to leave Chicago at 10 am. The storms were not supposed to hit Chicago until that afternoon. We had a chance!! I was surprised and bummed that the airports don't have free wifi. Luckily someone near me did not have a lock on their wifi and I was able to use it.  Hey-- I'm not a hacker so no harm done.  :-)
The sky was so beautiful above the storms that were brewing below.
Some of the planes in line.

We were so lucky to get out of Chicago. As we were on the runway there was 12 planes behind us in line. The last of the planes that were going to get out. We landed in Baltimore with no issues and had plans to stay the night.

With leaving so early in the morning I am very glad we did not have to fly out that same night to Germany.  We went to our hotel and enjoyed our evening and got plenty of rest. We knew the next day would be a long one.

Ah- departure day.  It is a weird feeling knowing that you will be leaving the country that you love so much. Not knowing when the next time you will be on American soil is kind of weird. I am so ready for a new adventure and new places to see.

This is our plane-- the biggest one I had ever been on. It seems to big to be in the air.

The distance we will be traveling.

WOW-- that's a loooooooong way!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you beat all the snow!! I would not have been so lucky

Jessa said...

How exciting!

Ailinh Harris said...

Wow. Good thing you guys beat the storm and snow. So exciting for this new change though! Good luck with travels!

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