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February 16, 2011

off to Ramstein

Man- when you take a flight at night and arrive in the morning it is WeIrD!!!

I was hoping to be tired so I could sleep on the plane but I wasn't tired enough.

It was a long day but finally we were on the plane and headed to our Germany destination. So much excitement brewing inside and anxiousness to see the sights.

We checked in at 3pm and our flight didn't leave until 9pm. That was a long wait in between at the airport. Luckily we took advantage of using the USO room available to all military and their dependents at Baltimore Airport. They had free snack, wifi, tv and assorted other things. It was a nice break from the regular airport area. My children and I showed our ID's and had our hand stamped. We then checked out the snacks and ordered from the nice volunteer gentleman behind the counter.  I think he has been volunteering there too long because he didn't seemed thrilled that we were using the service. I got the feeling that he preferred the actual military member to use the service but HEY we are a part of the military too.  That's ok- the kids and I ordered some snack and proceeded to relax and eat them. Hubby was in the line still waiting for us to return. :-)

Once we checked in we were glad to see that we were assigned seats.  So many people have different experiences and so I had heard so many different ways we might get seats. Luckily, we were seated behind one of the dividers so we had plenty of leg room and our own personal screen in front of us for the movies.

After getting settled and getting up in the air they fed us a tasty dinner. The kind that you used to get every time you flew in a plane. There was plenty of food and I was glad we didn't purchase food before boarding the plane. Although it was a late dinner it was great to have a full stomach to help with the drowsiness. They even gave us hot towels to wipe our hands before our meal. Very nice! Then we had 3 movies to watch and breakfast before we landed. They treated us great and the flight only could have been better if I had a window seat to lay my head.

At one point during the flight an Airman got up to use the restroom that was near us. Unfortunately for him the door didn't close as he thought. LOL  He started taking his pee and my son said  "um sir"  and he turned and realized we were all looking at him. IT WAS HILARIOUS!!!!!  We didn't see anything because his back was to us but his face was so funny. The shock was obvious. As he tried to close the door and stop his pee at the same time we worked hard to keep our laugh in. Poor guy .

As we arrived at Ramstein we picked up our belongings and noticed the floor wet. YIKES- the bathroom area on the other side of the divider was leaking through the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  NASTY  Glad we didn't have anything on the floor.

Day one in Germany is off to an interesting start


Brittney said...

We had a great flight here to Italy as well, flew Delta the whole way. Glad you made it safely! You are so lucky to have such a HUGE BX/Commissary, I am really jealous. We were there in December and couldn't believe it! Here at Aviano, it's tiny. said...

I just came across you your 272th follower :D Have fun in Germany!! I lived there my whole life as a military brat.

Holly Sandusky said...

Hey! I love your blog! Follow mine?
Thanks :)

Molly Danger said...

Yah for new adventures! That poor airman... I hate the plane bathroom doors for that reason alone.

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