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July 11, 2010


I am so excited!!!  We will finally be on the next move list. Our assignment possibilities are going to come out next month and I cannot wait to see whats available.

People always ask me how I can move so much but I LOVE IT!!  How boring it would be to me to live in the same place for so long and never see what else is out there. I am SO appreciative that we are able to move all over and experience so many things. When the kids don't like a place they know in 3 years they will be able to move and start over. When they do like a place and its hard to leave you are thankful for having the opportunity to be there and all the people you met.

I am hoping that we get orders to England, Hawaii, New Jersey, Italy or Arizona. Those are my top 5 places.

We will know in Oct.  I can barely wait!!!!!!!

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We bought museum tickets for $4 that are normally $11. That makes it very affordable for our family to go. Plus the tickets usually have an expiration date several months away.


annoyed army wife said...

I love Groupon! I'm obsessed with what the deals are.

A Marine's Wife! said...

I would love to live in all those places..except Jersey lol. It smells funny!

lola said...

FUN! We're moving next month and I'm excited about all of our new adventures. Can't wait to see what you end up getting!

The Smiths said...

Yay . PCS'ing is strenuous but fun!! I hope you get a place of your choice!

Anonymous said...

Moving is a hassle. but there's something fun about knowing you get to start over-redecorating your house, getting to do new things, get lost a million times.

hawaii is beautiful, so many fun things to do. hope you get where you want!

Anonymous said...

Moving is a pain but it's definitely fun to experience new places! I can't wait until you find out where you are going!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Fun!! I can't wait to find out where you guys are going!

tootie said...

Congrats on the upcoming move! Hope it's a great assignment! I'm getting the itch to move, too :)

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