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July 23, 2010

Time just went by me

WOW- summer goes by fast! Yes, I know- it's still summer.  I remember just several months ago thinking about my family coming to visit and all the things we will do.

Now they are gone and school registration starts soon.


My brother and niece left this week.  We had a great time and were able to see and do many things. But then it felt like we should still have time to do more things and hang out. I am sure it is because we were having such a good time and I really enjoy their company. It is so great to have family over and you can just be yourself and enjoy the little things. I was very fortunate that my mom, brother and niece all were able to come visit.

It's weird because I know now that Aug is right around the corner. Which brings us closer to our base availability list. Which brings us closer to hubby come home. Then that brings us closer to us having orders and then we are GONE!!


I look forward to where we will be next summer and can't wait for another visit from family.

My daughter and niece

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