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August 17, 2010

UGH- Homeownership AND hubby deployed

Man oh man. You know Murphy's Law. Of course we have our own Military Murphy's Law that we all are aware of. You know- everything breaks when your husband leaves. Well, that is currently what is going on in my world.

I had that leak a few months back and turned all the water off in my bathroom. Well, I had the plumber come yesterday and everything was fixed. Turned out to be my toilet seal- $100 and all fixed. I was THRILLED!!! So worried that it was going to be some major leak or something and dreading to find out reality.

Well- I was excited too soon. This morning my sump pump went out. After all night and morning of rain it decided it was done working for me. ( a sump pump is in the basement of some houses and removes the water from the foundation) Anyway- I went to go start laundry and saw some water. Hmmm I had the plumber here yesterday and I thought he fixed everything. great- he must have missed something--- right!


Whole new problem. My sump pump stopped sending the water out  but it is still coming in and now all my lower drains are stopped and overflowing. Just fabulous!!  I start trying to self fix the issue. Power is on, breaker is good and the pump is just making a weird clicking sound. Oh wait- no time to try and fix the issue the water is coming and now overflowing in the bathroom next door.

I call the plumber and he is at another job but will get here as soon as possible.  Oh No!!  please be soon!!

I start bailing water. One pitcher at a time, up and down the stairs. I have to pour it outside since my drains are full. After 12 dumps the water looks the same. :-(

Plumber calls and is on his way- it had only been 20 minutes. THANK GOODNESS

He was wonderful- Started working fast right away and fixed the problem quickly. He could tell I was a little frazzled and was so nice.  So I now have a new sump pump, lots of towels to wash and a new bill on the way.

Honey- are you coming home yet????????


Kara said...

I hear ya. I had this problem a few weeks ago. It just proves how self sufficient we can be!

Dani said...

Oh no, what a mess! I guess I should be thankful I don't have to man the house while my love is deployed this time... next time will be a different story!

Julie W said...

We know the military Murphy Law well at our house!! I'm sorry the sump pump decided to go on the fritz for you. That sucks. Okay, no it doesn't, but it does. ;o)

Crystal said...

We're in the midst of the 'PCS curse' right now - you know, everything that can go wrong, will? Yep. The military has a horrid relationship with Murphey. I'm happy things are getting fixed. I hope he'll be home soon as well =) We just PCS'd to Offutt AFB in NE. Fun stuff ;)Now, can you tell me exactly what a sump pump is & how much it will leak if it stops or whatever? We bought a house here & I honestly have no clue! We have a semi-finished basement so I'm concerned that if anything ever were to happen all of that carpet will be ruined? Isn't it supposed to have an alarm? Hmm. I need to go goggle it =)

Jessa (bipolararmywife) said...

Boy if that isn't the truth! Sorry you are having so many water problems.

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Oh girl I am so sorry!! I'm glad it did get fixed though.

WhisperingWriter said...

I know how it goes. My husband is in Korea for a year and I've already had to deal with a number of things....

susanna said...

Cheryl, yup had that too...seems a common problem, that the installers add the sump pump but not a shut off valve that will not the water flow BACK...why don't they just do it right the first time??

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