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August 3, 2010

Next month- so weird

WOW- I can officially say that next month my hubby will be home!!

I CAN'T believe it.  I am so excited . It seems like it was forever ago that he left and now he is pretty close to being home. THANKFULLY!  I am so dying for one of his hugs.

It always seems like ti is going to be forever and so lllooooonnnngggg until they get home but all in all I am thankful for the short time he has been gone. He hasn't been gone for a year yet so I really can't complain---yet! lol

I know that keeping massively busy has helped the time fly. We have had such a busy summer and accomplished a lot.   Next week we get our base possibilities for our move and then we will have orders. Time is flying~~


Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

That is so exciting!!

Renee said...

What wonderful news! I hope that the next month goes by uneventful and fast!

Chantal said...

That's great! I can't wait until it's next month for me... (that won't be for awhile, haha)

Sammie said...

Yeah! Congrats on the one month-ish countdown!

Monica A. Heimes said...

YAY YOU! I know the feeling of waiting.. Its well worth it when you see him! :)

Jen said...

that is wonderful news!!

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