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August 13, 2010

We got orders to Italy!!

Ok- maybe we didn't!   WAIT- don't leave. I agree that was a mean thing to say just to get you to read this blog post BUT- I do need your help.

We got our available bases for our upcoming move in the spring. We have to pick 5 bases that we would like to go to. Not that they are 100% going to give us one of those choices- after all it is called a "dream sheet" for a reason. BUT- (yes, I know I say that a lot) we still want to pick 5 and dream about them .LOL

So, we have 4 picked out. They are Livorno, Italy; Aviano, Italy and 2 Ramstein jobs. That leaves us with one more choice- stateside. We are stuck between Eglin-FL, McGuire-NJ and Fairchild-WA.

Eglin- we were stationed at Hurlburt before this assignment so we know the area. Don't really need info, just want to compare.

McGuire- we visited for 5 days this March and really liked it. But- yes I said BUT- we weren't living there.

Fairchild- never been

So here is where I need your help. Have you actually been stationed at any of these bases?  I need   info and good info! I used to know of a website that wasn't military governed and people wrote there actual experiences but can't remember the site- do you know it? We have 2 kids so I am interested in high school and middle school info.

Thanks!!  :-)

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I'm not familiar with any of those bases, sorry! I think living in a different country would be pretty neat though!

Sammie said...

I was so ready to say how jealous I am that you got Italy--lol. I haven't been to any of those bases since this is my 1st base, but one thing I've thought about when contemplating Eglin is the recent oil spill. I'd love to go there someday but maybe once the ecosystem has had time to settle a little. Good luck--and I hope you get an overseas base like it seems you want to. That's what we're shooting for next go around too.

Anonymous said...

I was so excited... and then my hopes came crumbling down! We're navy and want Spain or Italy if the hubs makes rank... My cousin is statined with the AF in Korea and loves it, and is going to England next... He has only been state side in NC, so I can't offer any extended advice.

Good luck. I know the NJ base seems nice from visiting with my Uncle, but not as a family or an airmen.

Ranting_Navy Wife said...

Im not familiar with those bases either hon. SOrry I cant be of assistance however good luck on getting the orders you want :)

Jenn said...

you've probably handed it in already but I would have said avoid Jersey. Granted I hate Jersey and am in fact a New York so I'm sure that sways my opinion. J is also in the Army not airforce but We are hoping for washington state. Fingers crossed you get europe! I know we are hoping to go there! I'm excited for you two and I can;t wait til you get your orders

Jen said...

so jealous! we have not lived there, but have friends that just PCSed there. They have a 2 year old, so no help with schools.

so far they love it, but they said finding housing was really difficult. they were in TLF for a month. He is in a command position so I think he had to live on base.

If they give me more info I will pass it on!


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