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August 19, 2010

We put our base choices in!

So after reading everyone's thought and getting many opinions from friends- we finished our list.

Our choices are:

Livorno, Italy- Army Base
Aviano, Italy
Ramstein, Germany
Hickam, Hawaii- this was not on his original list b/c he is not sure if he qualifies for the job. So this is our hail mary of sorts.

Eglin, FL

We don't find out until October. Now is the dreaded wait time. I am not looking anything up or getting my hopes up. It is so hard when you spend time researching a base in hopes of getting it then you don't.  I REALLY want us to go overseas. It is just such a great time for us to be able to go and our kids to remember and enjoy it.

Off to pray to the PCS gods for the next couple months!!  :-)


WhisperingWriter said...

Good luck!

We had Hickam on our list too. I think everyone does, ha.

We're currently in Wyoming and when my husband gets back from Korea next year we're going to Tinker AFB in Oklahoma.

Kim said...

Your list has some great places on it. I am a military spouse as well and believe me your choices are great. My son was born in Pisa, Italy and I worked in Livorno for two years. The Livorno area is easily the greatest place on earth. You have not lived until you've been downtown Livorno eating pizza from a stone oven listening to a local man play his guitar as the rain falls on the cobblestone streets outside. There every meal is an event, every man a true romantic, and every person is like a long lost family member. It is the simple life there. If you get this place, I'll give you a map of all the things tourist never get to see or do. You'll love it.
Hawaii, well, it's not hell but you can see it from there. Don't get me wrong Hawaii is breathe-taking. After I arrived at Honolulu airport, I was shuttled off to the base. On the way there, the sugarcane fields and tropical flowers were like out of a movie. I saw my first whale breach from the shore, for the first time I was able to be head deep in water and still see my toes clearly, and see skies filled with a million rainbows. Six months later, I had seen and done all there was to do on all the islands. It was then I realized that the boats I saw on the first day were actually sailing for the mainland in a desperate attempt to escape.
Germany is where I spent most of my childhood. It holds a special place in my heart. You could live there for a lifetime and never be able to see all the churches, castles, gardens and salt mines. The activities for you and your family are limitless.
I hope you get the assignment you want though. Best wishes.

Ashley E. said...

I love your blog! I wish I would have known about these things when I was a military wife! My husband has been out now for a little over a year, and it's good to have him home! We were never able to be issued a PCS for overseas, but I think if we had the opportunity, we would have taken it. You can always vacation in the US, and while Florida is awesome, how many times do you get the opportunity to live in Italy? My aunt and uncle were stationed in Hawaii, and they both hated it. Good place to visit, not a good place to live unless youre from there they said. I've never been there, but it looks beautiful. We were always stationed in TX at Ft Hood, and the the rest were stationed at Ft Carson, CO, but I didnt go. New born, living by myself in on an Army post doesnt sound appealing to me :)
I hope and pray that all works out, and that your husband comes home safely, we went through long tours ourselves, and I know how much it sucks!!

kiser_danielle said...

That's a great list! An overseas tour would be great! Oh, if you get Italy, you've absolutely GOT to post pics! It's at the top of my "Dream Vacation" list. I like being a Coast Guard spouse for the most part, but I really wish we had the opportunity to go overseas like the other branches of the military! Have fun where ever you go!

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