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March 22, 2010

Dead Air

                  Gotta love the overseas phone calls. You never know when your conversation is going to be over and your talking to dead air.  It's always great when I am just chatting along and getting so much information to him when I realize he might be too quiet. That's when I realize the Dead Air. It has been just me and the air talking for who knows how long. Then my phone rings and its him. I am afraid to ask him what is the last thing he heard me say. Of course it was like 20 sentences ago. So much for all that information that I was going to tell him. Guess I will write an email but hopefully I don't forget everything.  LOL

            Yesterday we had that happen about 3 times. It was such a frustrating call day. He couldn't get his Skype to work so we were solely relying on the Magic Jack. We tried for about 20 minutes and finally got his Skype to work. Skype is so great because we can clearly hear every word we say rather than skipping every 3 or 4th word on Magic Jack.Another fun thing about Skype is that we can play online games against each other. We have been playing backgammon. Or I should say, he has been playing and I have been watching. LOL  I am learning the game so he can have a little competition. It is quite an addicting game. I downloaded an App on my iPod so I could practice. He still beats my butt.  So I shall be practicing more today and see how I do when he calls.

Have a GREAT day!!

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