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March 28, 2010

Digital Scrapbooking

Well I have decided to change from traditional scrapbooks to all digital. I have been checking out the digital scrapbook stuff for a while but never really made the change. I finally purchased Photo shop Elements 8 and am on my way. Now I just need to have a big scrapbook sale to get rid of tons of stuff I have.

My biggest excitement about digital scrapbooking is the amount of space I need now is just so small. I no longer need a room or large area to put all my stuff. I can also scrapbook while we are in between bases and moving. Plus, I love the quick pages you can get. My software came with a tutorial CD so I have been busy with that learning all the great things that  Photo Shop has.

If you digital scrapbook -please pass along any tips or tricks you have that could help me.  :-)

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addicted2shius said...

I have tons of tips!! I wish I had known you back then cuz I would've shown you my website. Which I guess I can but it isn't compatible with your software.

But if you ever get the chance take a look at my website.

Shop products then look under digital scrapbooking. There's even free software and templates for you to work with if you want to play around and compare to PhotoShop. And the quality of the books are awesome. Email me if you're interested in learning more.

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