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March 15, 2010

Frustrating Phone Calls

Well, hubby has made it to his destination and is settling down. We purchased him a magic jack before he left so he could call us anytime through his computer. It has been working great- until he made it to Iraq. It still works and I am thankful but it is so hard to have a conversation with someone when every 3 words gets cut out of the conversation. LOL  It is quite a comical situation to hear my kids trying to talk to him because you have to repeat yourself so many times and you keep saying "what did you say".  

Internet service is not free so we are currently paying $100 a month for him to be able to chat with us. The base does offer 2 free 15 minute calls per week. But with 2 kids and me the 15 minutes would not be enough, especially with the pauses and repeating.  LOL  The internet service can get as high as $190 a month!!!  So crazy but you can't put a price tag on being able to chat with him. He can conveniently call us from his room and at anytime.  this is good!

I am so thankful for the technology we have nowadays so he can conveniently call me. I know before the wives didn't hear from there husbands for months. They only had written letters they could send and receive. No phone calls or instant messaging. I can't imagine how much stress that added to a wife's life just waiting to hear from her love. Not knowing if as she read the letters he was alive or not.

So, I will pay the internet service with a happy heart!!   :-)


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Marissa said...

I feel ya! Magic Jack works exactly the same in the Stan. Skype works pretty well though, and you can get that to your phone. You do have to pay for that though, too! I know, it's frustrating :-/

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