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March 7, 2010

Were back

We are back from our trip and I am physically exhausted and emotionally drained!! Had a great time but of course it seemed to go by so fast.

I picked up both our dogs and were very proud of them. Our little one- Cassie- stayed with a friend. She's just a small 3lb Yorkie. She was a good girl and did very well with there 3 other animals. My biggest relief came from our big dog- Copper- he is 82lb's. He stayed at a dog kennel and met some new friends. He played nice and got along with everyone. I was terribly worried about him because he isn't around a lot of people or other animals so I wasn't so sure. I did make sure to take him over there several days before dropping him off to familiarize him. He seemed very happy when we picked him up and got a grade "A" from the staff.

Well, I am off to relax for the evening before we get back on all our schedules. Will post more tomorrow.

Nighty-night!   :-)


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