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March 9, 2010

Goodbyes part 2

We just got back from visiting NYC and New Jersey. What fun we had.  There is so much to see there and I am really bummed we didn't have more time.

 Hubby was finishing up his combat training and then he would be off to overseas. They did not allow him time when he was done with training to come home so I thought it would make a great trip for the kids and I. He had been gone for 5 weeks already so this would be a sweet treat.
The hard thing about the visit is that we already said our goodbyes and now we know that they are going to come again. The kids and I were in our "no dad" routine and were emotionally starting to grasp the deployment when we had to start all over. It was harder this time to say goodbye because of course I knew there would be no visits after this point. The deployment didn't really seem real before because we knew we would see him in 5 weeks so now the reality has set in.

Although it was terribly hard to say goodbye I am so thankful that we went. What a great time we were able to have with him before his departure. The kids have great memories to carry them through the next several months. We were taken out of our everyday element which provided them the ability to come home and not connect home with a deployment. Not sure if that makes sense but it did seem to really help that we weren't at home saying goodbye. Once we got on the plane and got home we started our "no dad"  routine again.

I haven't had my pitty party yet.  LOL  I thought I would break down the day we returned but I just didn't want to yet. I guess I was scared what a cry fest would bring upon.


Riding the Roller Coaster said...

Deployments are so tough aren't they? You think you're emotionally prepared, but how can you REALLY know what to expect? We're awaiting a deployment and trying to prepare ourselves. I think it's tougher trying to explain it to the kids. Good luck to you! And good luck with your title change!

Jesse and Marissa said...

Just remember...It's okay to cry!!! :)
And good luck with your title change too :)

Kristen @ Moms Sharpening Moms said...

For what it's worth, I love your blog name!

I am saying a prayer right now for you and your precious family. Your husband is a genuine, true-blue hero and one of the many reasons this country is awesome.

Hang in there, sweet girl!

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