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March 13, 2010

St Patty's and sleepovers

One great thing about military bases is they usually have some good support groups available. Our base has a monthly gatherings for families with deployed members. So- today we are going to be on the base float for the St. Patricks parade. This morning we need to get some green dress up and head to the parade. The base is also treating us to lunch afterwards. I look forward to these events hoping to chat with other spouses going through the same thing.  It's also nice to have a busy schedule for the kids, this way they are not bored and driving me crazy. LOL

My son had a sleepover at a friends house the other day. So my daughter and I had some fun girl time. I picked up my son around 130pm. H elooked very tired!! So we headed home and I told him I had to run to the base for a bit. He obviously didn't get much sleep so I thought maybe a nap would be good for him. Well, good golly, he didn't get up until 6am the next day. We couldn't believe how long he was sleeping. I kept checking on him and trying to wake him but to no avail. So my daughter and I ended up having an all day girl time. It was very nice. Talking to him this morning I informed him that spending the night there cost him 1 whole day afterwards. So crazy. Hopefully he learned that sleeping on a schedule is a good thing. Although- I must admit- I did this many times myself. BUT, I was not 13!!!

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