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March 29, 2010

My first breakdown

Today I had my first breakdown.

It was a compilation of several things that finally caused it.

  1. My "H" key is missing from my laptop. VERY annoying!! Driving me crazy when I am trying to type.
  2. One of my bathrooms upstairs started flooding. My son said he was taking care of it but I did not check if he turned the water off. I am downstairs doing laundry when I notice water on the floor.  :-( Not good. Then it starts dripping from the vent fan in the downstairs bathroom.  I go crazy and can't believe this is happening. I know I need to sell this house and I really can't afford and don't want to deal with any water damage.
  3. This causes me to start thinking about all I need to do to get this house sold.
  4. Hubby usually calls around the same time every day. During the week the kids don't get to talk to him much because of school. So today it was important to me that the kids get to video call him. I waited and waited for that call. Made sure I had the computer volume up so I could hear it ring. Made sure I stayed downstairs near the computer. Finally, an hour and a half after the time he usually calls I gave up.  If he called it was going to ave to be another regular phone call. So, I go upstairs to inform the kids
  5. My son has a choir performance in 3 days. He has been asking for a fancy hat to wear for his performance. After the bathroom and waiting for hubby instance I am ready to leave and run errands. I tell him we are going to get him his at when he tells me "Oh, well I don't really need a hat. It's no big deal." WHAT!!!!!  You have been bugging me about this hat and now you are telling me its no big deal. When he saw my jaw drop and the look on my face he knew the next several minutes were not going to be good.
That was it. My son told me about the hat and I just broke. The tears started streaming and they wouldn't stop. My son was very sweet and starting caring for me. I just started blubbering about all kinds of stuff. Everything that I had been thinking about and all the stuff I need to accomplish. I finally went to my room and closed the door so I could get a hold of myself.

I know that probably won't be the last breakdown but hopefully there won't be too many more.


    Riding the Roller Coaster said...

    We all have those breakdowns. Hope your days starts looking up!

    Jesse and Marissa said...

    I hope things get better for you! Just cry it all out, it'll help ;)

    TamsJewelry said...

    I hate being human sometimes.LOL I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed I think it is Spring:)

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