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June 19, 2010


Ok- So I have emailed the lady who did my blog 3 times and am not getting a response. Can someone tell me how do I separate my main post area from the sidebar area??  I don't want it separated just by the dotted line. I want it separated by space.  Also, on my scrolling marquee I cannot get it to scroll continuously. After the last blog it has a large space before it starts again.

ANY help would be SOOOOO aprpeciated. Thanks a bunch!!  :-)

I am trying to make a space between the sidebar and the main post area. Or just a wider space between the two so theya re not so close together.

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Anonymous said...

So I'm trying to help, but I'm not sure what you mean. Do you want your sidebar widened or do you just want the dotted line removed? If you just want the sidebar removed, you'll have to go through your HTML code to find it. If you want the side bar widened, you'll have to go to Design > Layout > Adjust width > then slide the "right sidebar" slowly toward max. If it throws your entire layout off, which is possible, go back to "templates"> click "Live on Blog" and it will go back to what you presently have. I'll check into what the HTML code should be and get back to you.

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