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June 1, 2010

Skype/ Magic Jack update

Ok- so the Magic Jack is working again. With the Magic Jack he can call us for free from his computer. You set it up with a local US number and then he call any local number for free including cell phones.

We do have Skype but it is only free if you talk computer to computer. The monthly fee was if he wanted to call my cell phone.  So we have video chat and free calls to my cell phone.

Any ladies with deployments coming up- feel free to ask any questions.

You can also call the post office and get a free package kit with tape, boxes and labels to mail.


lola said...

Before my husband's vehicle destroyed his cell phone over there, we used skype to call from my computer to his phone. It worked wonderfully and at 35 cents a minute, it wasn't bad compared to the rate I'd pay on a cell phone! We also set up a Google Talk account/phone number for him (it emails the voicemails etc) but we never ended up using it.

Chantal said...

How do you get that Magic Jack thing? Is it like Skype, but free? Like you can webcam?

L.C. said...

tell me more about this post office package

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