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June 21, 2010

SAY WHAT!! Flags on the ground!

My fabulous daughter had a softball tournament this weekend (like every weekend it seems ). Anyway, it was in a town about 30 minutes from ours. We arrived ready on a Friday night for some games. She played and won her first game so we didn't need to return until Saturday morning.

We arrived Saturday around 11 to the complex. The ball fields were beautiful with shaded bleachers and all. They decided to line the walkways with American flags. OK- that looks nice and all BUT and the is a big BUT --there were 2 that were lying on the ground. OMG this is of course not ok. So I pick them up and notice the sticks are broken. Not Cool!

I take the two flags and start to look for someone in charge. I find a women and  ask her if she knows the rules for flags.

She says " yes, these are our flags".

I said" I know, I just want to know if you know the rules for US flags. These were on the ground on the walkway".

She says  as she takes them from me " Yes- I do know the rules. The wind probably knocked them over".

I said" I don't think so because the sticks are all broken. I think they are getting trampled on because there are so many people here".

She walks away.

I go back and sit down.

OK- so, I can't stop thinking about our interaction. I start to feel bad because maybe I came across too strong. I wasn't trying to be mean or aggressive towards her but I am a LITTLE sensitive to the fact a flag is on the ground especially since my hubby is currently in Iraq. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!

Anywho- part 2!!

I see her again and walk over to her to apologize for coming off too strong. As soon as she see's me she starts to walk away from me. So, I stop her and say-
" I wanted to apologize if I made you angry. I wasn't trying to be rude."
She says ok and starts to walk away.
I say "wait, please don't walk away. I am trying to apologize here because you seem upset."

She says " well, I am too busy to make sure the flags aren't on the ground".  AND WALKS AWAY!

Oh holey hell!!!  You have got to be kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!    I so wanted to go to her and just say a thing or 2 to her about what the flag means and if she can't watch them then don't put them there. They are not meant to be a decoration so that your complex looks nice. I was so furious. So I took a DEEEEEEEEP breath and calmed myself down. I know that she OBVIOUSLY does not truly know what that flag means. She has never felt that pride that military wives and husbands feel when they see that flag knowing their active duty spouse is overseas fighting for our country. She has never had her husband away in a foreign country in adverse conditions. She has never had to explain to a crying child why their daddy isn't there. She has never had to take care of the house, pets, kids, cars, bills...... and so on while her husband is gone.

Silly Civilians!!!  Some just don't get it.

So as we walked away that evening we picked up another flag on the ground and took it with us. SHAME on her!!!!

Respect The Flag
by Linda Todd

Respect the Flag and let it always be,
Enjoyed by all in the land of the free.
Soil not the Red - White - and - Blue,
Preserve the colors - oh so true.
Evidence of the Nation that we love,
Calling down a blessing from God above.
Treat our flag with tender loving care,

The privilege we have in America of prayer.
Hang it proudly for everyone to see,
Emotion when it flies always engulfs me.

Fly it high and fold it - oh so right,
Let it be preserved with care each night.
Always a symbol of freedom that was earned,
Gladly should it wave and never be burned . . .


Reina said...

I'm glad you confronted her but it sounds like there was no impact on her part... too bad. I try to educate before I assume but this situation is just, le sigh.

annoyed army wife said...

Good for you! I won't have had the ovaries to talk to her, although I would have silently hated her in my mind and gave her mean looks.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you said something to her. I would have been upset too! Sometimes civilians can't comprehend how military wives feel or the pride we have for our country. At least you did the right thing. =)

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

That is infuriating! I'm glad you confronted her.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean! It really irks me when people don't respect the flag. Or when they don't know the proper protocol of displaying the flag.

addicted2shius said...

It's truly sad that some people just don't get it. Kudos to you for having the cajones to say something, I totally wouldn't have been able to but I for sure would be complaining to my hubby and/or kids

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