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February 13, 2010

Baseballs, Teenagers and Dogs

Oh my what a crazy couple of days. I miss those times when I can pass the chaos on to my husband and he can deal with the kids.  

Yesterday the kids and I went to see the new Percy Jackson movie. My son (13) has read the series and has been waiting with baited breath to see this movie. As a thoughtful and nice mom I thought I would take him on opening night with all the excitement.  Oh the appreciation and love I would receive from him would be so wonderful. Surely he would be in happy mode for days after this. I can rest assure that my next week would be less stressful since he would realize how much I love him and what a kind gesture it is for me to take him.


What was I thinking- he is a teenager after all!!  

My daughter and I went to a woman's fair while he was at school. She had no school and he did. That was fun in itself. I made sure he had his house key just in case we didn't make it home on time. We talked about him walking home or going to a friends house until we got home. After school i get a call and he wants to know why we aren't there to pick him up. Oh the wonderful conversation we had about how he can walk his young  butt home and he knew what the plan was. Then off to the movies we went. It's a Friday night and opening weekend so I know it will probably be busy and best to get there early to get our tickets and seats. He gets mad because we are early and have to wait 45 min. What is he supposed to do for 45 minutes waiting for this movie. You can't be serious!! I don't care what you do for 45 min (i really do though) as long as you don't complain again to me. Where is the appreciation and love that I wanted. OH- it's because I wanted it from my teenager. I even asked him for a hug because my head was hurting and I told him he is not being very appreciative.  Of course I got the crazy , there is no way I am hugging you in public look. 

Oh well, at least now I know not to set my expectations up too high. 

Now it is Sat morning and I have already gotten up twice in the night.  I wake up to my daughter screaming and crying. She comes running up the stairs and into my room. I know this cannot be good. Apparently no one was watching our 3 year old lab/rott mix who went in her room. He was able to grab her favorite goggles and her favorite baseball that she caught last summer while at a game with her daddy.They are beyond repair and use!

She can't stop crying and nothing I say makes her better. Of course then this goes into how much she wants her daddy home, why can't other people do his job and on and on. It is so hard to try to explain to a 10 year old about why the Air Force is important and what her daddy does. She doesn't care about any of it because of course it still means her daddy isn't home. You cannot console a little girl who just want's her daddy. I try to tell her how lots of parents are gone and they share the responsibility. She doesn't care still. 

It's only 9 am on Saturday and my 3 day weekend just started.

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