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February 10, 2010


 Comic from Jenny the Military spouse

  Oh the joys of going to the commiscary.  I remember my first visit to one when we lived in CA. Hubby was in basic training and I was told by him about the commissary and how I should use it. So as soon as I got my first  ID card I headed to the commissary.   Little did I know that going would turn out to be more of an adventure than I ever imagined.  It all seemed so simple- after all I'm just buying groceries for pete's sake.  I soon learned that there is so much more to the commissary then just buying groceries.  Make sure you have your ID on you to enter, grab cart, follow arrows in the aisles and go the correct way, make it fast so you do not piss off one of the retiree's and show ID again to check out. Gosh and I haven't even figured out the bagging part yet.  It would have been nice if I had seen the arrows when I first came in but it didn't even catch my eye. I only learned about the arrows when I was scolded by a retiree about going the wrong way. I looked at her all confused with a lost face and she just pointed to the floor. OH so this is just like when I am driving my car???  So they think there might be a severe accident if we don't all go one way?? Whats up with the arrows. I later learned that it was the only commissary that I would ever see arrows at. Thank Goodness!  So as I was shopping I noticed that 95% of everyone there was probably retired. Hmm......  I finally make it to check out and show my ID card again, just in case the person at the front door isn't doing there job and people are surely sneaking in like crazy.  I see these wonderful senior citizens bagging my food. That's great that they are still working and getting out of the home. When the bagger was done putting my groceries away he just stood there and waited. Waited for what I have no idea. I was trying so hard to figure out what I was missing when finally (seeing that I was oblivious) he told me that they worked off tips and I needed to tip him.  OH, ok??   I later learned to never go to the commissary on the first of the month. That's retiree payday!!!

That was many years ago and I have learned the proper way to use the commissary now. I love seeing those young girls and noticing it is their first visit. I try to talk to them and let them know the ways of the commissary.  I do regularly shop there for our groceries since the discount is good. Of course, every base the commissary is different. Here our commissary is small and very limited with it's selections. I went to Tinker's commissary once and LOVED it!  WOW- it was huge and just like a Dillon's only way cheaper.


Crystal said...

Okay, as a spouse of a retiree....I may miss the discount but I'm so glad I don't shop in a commissary! Nope I don't miss it at all!!!!I have 4 grocery stores to choose from with in a 3 mile radius of my home. Not one person ever told me which way to travel down the aisles and we don't even kill each other. Amazing, a little common courtesy goes a long way instead of arrows!:)

Crystal said...

Ha! This cracks me up. I remember my first time too & all the 'stories' I'd heard. Mine was while my husband was deployed. It was quite interesting, but I soon got the hang of it. That one had arrows on the floor too. LOL. Here at Keesler it's tiny & everyone goes every which way & doesn't really care since it's not the "real commissary". The real one opens soon, the old "real commissary" was trashed by Katrina. The new one will open just a few months before we PCS! So I've been shopping in a cave for 4 years. Sometimes I tip, sometimes I don't. Depends on if I have cash on me & if the lady at the register is nice. What I mean by that is I've hit credit before & yet not signed my name yet & then realize I have no cash & ask her to cancel it & do debit.... this one rude lady always says "NO! CAN'T DO THAT"... um, ok, well I do it at Walmart & such. Whatever. Your bagger will get NO TIP! NO TIP! I don't yell it like that, but I feel like it. Cute post!

~Cheryl~ said...

Thanks for the comments!!!! :-)

Hope said...

LOL. I've never been to a commiscary with arrows! That's hilarious!

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