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February 4, 2010


Ah the beautiful look of snow.  Woke up this morning to some wonderful white flakes.  These are the good white flakes not the dandruff kind. :-)  The ones that come down so slowly and peacefully that it could put you to sleep in a heartbeat. I love to watch it snow and see all the trees covered in beautiful, soft powder. How the yard looks with a blanket of softness.

And then you have to drive in it and all that wonderfulness leaves. The kids wake up and they think we should be having a snow day! WHAT- there is barely an inch on the ground and you want them to call school out already. Oh the joys of praying for a snow day and then not getting it. They always act like its my fault, why didn't I order more snow. Off to school we go and the soft snow leaves and is replaced with brown, nasty slush!  Oh well, at least I can look out to my backyard for some peacefulness and look through my front window for reality.

Well, we had a bit of a cell phone scare. When hubby tried to call yesterday his phone started acting all crazy. Then it just went dead. Not a good thing when that is your only form of communication. Of course he could always ask to borrow some ones phone, but who wants to do that. LOL  Luckily after a few hours it was up and running again, just in time to talk to his daughter.  She was having another restless night where she just couldn't fall asleep. No matter how many hugs and kisses mommy gave, it wasn't working. Finally I had her do some stretches and take some deep breathes. Still didn't work. Oh boy- I had a feeling it was going to be a long night. THEN- Dad calls. Of course that was the cure all to her sleeplessness. After there conversation she was all snug and went to sleep quickly. So thankful that he was able to call and relieve her stresses but that wont always be the case. I know that he won't always be able to call and I know now that a plan needs to get in place for the next restless night that she can't sleep.

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