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February 2, 2010

Why this Blog???

We have been a military family for 11 years now. Every time we have a deployment or PCS (move) non military friends often ask me how do you do it. I really don't think much about it probably because by now I am used to it and it is normal for me. Typically I think how could they not! How could you live in one place for so long and not wonder what else is out there. I know that military life is not for everyone. There are many military wives that I have met and the life is not even for them. I will talk about that later-LOL. Anyway, I thought that for this deployment I would try something new and write about my experience and how I "Do it". Hopefully this in turn will also help me to get through my days by giving me my own "mission". So, welcome to my Air Force journey and I hope you enjoy it Through My Eyes!

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