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February 4, 2010

When family needs you

No sunshine today! I really need me some sunshine. My brothers girlfriend of 9 years past away in her sleep. I feel so sad for him and her children. I want to be there to help him but the miles between us are long. I know that it will be a long process for him before he can even remotely move forward. The hardest thinking is knowing that I wont be there to try and help him. Yes I can call and will but it just doesn't seem the same. Death always makes you think more about things going on in your life and if you are prepared. Sure I have a Will and insurance but those things seem so minor to making sure that everyone you love truly knows that you love them. Makes me think so much about mu husband far away and how he will be even farther away soon. I am not generally a Debby downer but today is definitely a Debby downer of a day. So hug your kids and your spouse and tell the ones you love what they really mean to you.

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