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February 5, 2010

Field Trips

Today I went on a field trip with my daughter who is in 4th grade. All the fourth graders have been talking about this field trip for FOREVER, mostly because they get to miss 5 Fridays of school.  Of course I thought I would do my mommy duty and be a chaperone - after all, how bad could it be with 40 4th graders?  Well, I don't suggest riding the bus with them that's for sure. Good golly they are loud! The mass chaos of the ride gets to be a little much after the first 2 minutes. As I watch the places go by I think- Were only this far? I did bring headphones with me but didn't feel quite right not chatting with my sweety along the way. Hanging out with a large group of kids any age is always interesting. You instantly get to know them quite well even not having a single conversation with them. I now know who the shy, loud, over achiever, brainiacs and brown nosers of tomorrow are. LOL  All aside, kids are great!!  You can watch them as their little minds are contemplating things and figuring it out. I love watching them when they are seriously trying to figure something out and then it hits them. The light bulb is bright and you can tell by the look of relief on their face that they finally get it. All in all it was a great day. Oh, but I still have 4 more Fridays!!! 

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Mira said...

hi there! welcome to blog community! :)
you are right, hanging out with kids is always interesting!

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