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February 16, 2010

Change the Date----Again

It never fails that in the military nothing is set.  We have a chance to go visit my husband when he is done with training and before he leaves for Iraq. It is a very small 3 day window of time. I waited for a long time to buy plane tickets before we were 90% sure. Nothing is 100%. Well now that he is a couple weeks into training we find out that he might leave earlier than expected- BEFORE our trip to see him.

AAAAHHHHH--- pulling hair and losing mind!! 

How the heck am I going to explain that to my daughter who is only surviving knowing that she is going to see daddy in a few weeks. Oh my I hope that this isn't what is going to happen. Of course we will still go on our trip but it just won't be the same and will actually probably be more depressing since we know what the original plan was. 

Then I go into panic mode. Maybe I can change all my dates for everything I have reservations for? At a hefty fee I am sure, especially for the plane tickets. When do I say the cost is too high? 

Is there a stopping point? I would give anything to see him before he heads to Baghdad. I know that once he leaves the US I will definitely not see him until his return- 7 months later, if on time. 

All I can do now is wait to see if they are changing his dates. 

And wait

And wait..................................

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