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February 2, 2010

Preparing with Lists

There is always so much to do prior to a deployment.  I try to make lists to ensure I don't forget anything. He also made a list, but of course our lists are on completely different subjects. Mine is all about him doing the things now that will make my life easier later. His list has all the stuff he needs to accomplish before he leaves that pertains to what the Air Force wants him to do. Plus all the items he needs to obtain before he leaves.

MY LIST---This is our first base where we purchased a house and will be the last until we retire. What a headache it has been to own a home that you know you will not live in forever. Upon his return we should be moving to our next assignment. That of course means that I need to sell the house while he is gone. Oh what fun I will have!!  Yes- I know- people say "Why don't you wait until he returns?". Well, we are set to get orders while he is gone and hopefully move within 2 months of his return. With the market being as it is I want to ensure that upon his return we are not spending all our time selling the house. We definitely do not want to move and still have this house. Non thanks on 2 mortgages!! So back to my list-- it is all about the house!  Things he needs to fix and repair so that I don't have to. Now I'm not saying that I can't accomplish most of the things on the list. But while he is here why not get as much done as possible. Thus making for my life easier later down the line.

HIS LIST--  Purchase this, purchase that. Buy more socks, more PT gear, more gadgets and outprocess the base.  Now- I love my husband dearly and I know he is a busy man BUT I really wish my list could be more important than his list. Not gonna happen. I am aware of this so I made my to do list for him 3 months prior to his departure. Surely this will allow adequate time for the 11 things on there.  Oh, what was I thinking. I guess I needed to pressure him more but that just isn't how I am. Procrastination is a funny thing.  It is great while you are in full procrastination mode because you feel like you have more time on your hands. And you always think you will have plenty of time when you do decide to accomplish whatever you are procrastinating. Well, he ran out of time.

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