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February 23, 2010

UGH Blog trouble!!!

I am trying to change my background and it wont change. I am the type of person that just can't let it go. I keep trying to figure out what step am I missing???   I have changed the template, deleted the HTML of the other graphics and STILL can't seem to get rid of this background.  It really is driving me insane.  A friend even came over to see if she could fix it. But no luck.  I guess I need to be patient and it will fix itself. Yeah right- I am going to hit the world wide web and hopefully find a solution. Maybe someone at the Mom Bloggers Club can help.

Fingers crossed

Blogs are great but they also can be a lot of work   :-)


MyMomfessions said...

did u try going to ur dashboard and clicking on layout then pick new template?..or got o layout and find ur template where u add and arrange page elemennts and dlete it or delete it or delete the template code and enter a new one?

~Cheryl~ said...

I did. :-( I deleted the gadget that had the old html code and added a gadget with the new. I also picked a new template but that still didn't work. This background just doesn't want to leave.

Thanks for the help

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