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May 26, 2010

Deployments are so expensive

Good Golly deployments are expensive.

I should have kept a tally on the amount of money we have spent and are spending. We bought the Magic Jack for $30 so that he could call us from his computer (new one $$$with web cam) at his convenience. We all know 2 15 minute calls a week is not enough. Anyways, that is now not working, so I looked into Skype calls but they are $35 a month for only 120 minutes. That's NOT going to happen. So- we will try to figure out the Magic Jack that ain't so magical anymore.

That doesn't include the $100 a month we pay for him to have internet so he can call us. Plus all the supplies he needed and the packages I send. Good thing we get seperation allowance. LOL


Kara said...

Ahh! You're scaring me! DH is headed to Japan in a month and he is trying to get prices on everything there. So far we are good, but I didn't realize it would go up so much once he deploys!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Oh my goodness! That's crazy!

L.C. said...

WHOA our skype is $2 a month for him to call me

Molly Danger said...

Do you have skype on your computer? He should be able to make skype to skype video calls for free. Then you could talk to him and see him.

Jessica said...

you are sooo right! Deployments are expensive

Gaile said...

skype is FREE if it is computer-to-computer....but it doe need the internet access and the computer you bought (and it requires you both to be online at the same time)

My hubby was supposed to have good internet access once he arrived, but so far has not even been able to check his email ONCE in a week. He had his Verizon portable wi-fi card with him when he left, but I am guessing it doesn't work where he is(?)

I was wondering if Magic Jack would be a good thing to send to him once his internet is up and an update, let us know if you guys get it working again!

And yeah, deployment can be freaking EXPENSIVE.

Laina said...

WOW. That is expensive. It's been three years since my husband went on deployment. We relied on emails and he occasionally called me with a phone card. I sent him packages every month and wrote him letters all the time. But that was without a child, so I think we will have to step it up on the next one for her sake.

Via said...

You might already know this...but you can skype computer-to-computer for free. Just download the messanger. You can even use your webcams with the free skypes!

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