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May 14, 2010

RECAP! and Air Force Live Website

Going to take a moment and recap some of my posts.  Yes- I am having a blank moment but just in case you missed something you might find interesting-Click on a topic to go to the page.

Also,   I am SO excited!! My Blog is on the Air Force Live DOD website. Check out their site:

I have written about:

Family BBQ's- Not for us

Not getting PCS orders

Being the worst mom

Deployment Mind Games

Weekly Madness

I was reminded today

40 Days since you left

$2001 worth of Avon???????????

Nights are hard

My first breakdown

Alcohol in the war zone

Goodbyes part 2


Baseballs, Teenagers and dogs


Anonymous said...

Just by reading some of the headings from the posts I can relate to them (especially the deployment ones!) so I hope you are having a great week! =)

Mama Hen said...

I just gave you a blog award. Come and see it at Mama's Little Chick! You deserve it my fellow blogger!

Mama Hen

Kathryn said...

Pretty cool! How did you get your blog on there?

Cheryl said...

Thanks MAMA HEN!!!

Kathryn- they contacted me.

Carmen- my week keeps getting better. Thanks :-)

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