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April 9, 2010

$2001 worth of Avon products??????????

I am kind of fanatical about our money and am constantly watching our accounts to make sure I am up to date and to the penny. I don't work so I need to make sure we stay on budget. This deployment we want to get our credit card paid off. I know we can do it before he gets back because we have less than $5 but it is still work.

So yesterday I go online to fabulous USAA and see that I have a charge for $2001 of Avon products. 
WHAT THE..............

Seriously- I NeVeR buy Avon.

Who could possibly use that much Avon?

I could not dial USAA fast enough. My stomach had the worst feeling and my mind was racing.

I get in touch with the fraud department and am told not to worry. I will not be charged for this amount. They could not tell me a lot about the charge because I caught it as a "pending" charge. I caught it before it even posted to our account. There was also a $15.39 charge from netflix-RANDOM. Apparently that one was already being reversed because the merchant made a keystroke mistake. HHMMM  So how is it possible to get 2 mistakes in one day??   I am baffled.  
What a pain. So now we have flags on our account and everything is being investigated. I called Avon and the call was sent to India. Lovely. and their products are made in China. LOL  Geesh I wonder why our economy sucks- anyway that's a whole different day and rant. So the Avon Indian guy says to me" Oh, this is top priority. We will be contacting you immediately. Please be waiting for our call". Oh really- well its the next day and I still haven't received a call from them.

So, now I am super paranoid and have to double check everything. I really want to know how this happened. 

USAA had to ask if it was possible that my husband was coming home early and was buying me gifts.

Yeah right- NOT AVON. I would need a divorce if he bought me $2000 worth of Avon as a present. 

The worst part is that even though I knew we would not be charged and it would all be taken care of it still added so much stress to me. I just felt like yelling "COME ON!!!!".  So frustrating to add another thing to my plate. I feel like someone looked at my shoulders and said "oh wait- she doesn't enough wait on them yet. Lets try this doozy".
With God on my side he will help me get through!

Anyway, check your credit card!!!!  Make sure every charge is yours.

Many Blessings,


Mira said...

I know how you feel. Last December we noticed that $3200 charge at our USAA was pending for airplane tickets bought at some Spanish web site. We freaked out but at the end we got the money back. Last week we noticed $36 and $18 pending for Turkish charity! It's insane.

Gaile said...

How are people able to get ahold of your credit card numbers to even TRY to use them????? And how are merchants ALLOWING this?
I can't even use my husband's USAA card except at the gorcery store and for gas, because everyone else will card me (my name is not on his card)
This is like the 3rd case I have heard of in the last couple weeks, and all are military going through a deployment. Is someone somehow TARGETING deployed military for fraud?
So glad that you caught it in time, and I hope they give you some answers.

Laura said...

OMG don't even get me started on AVON...little weasels. I worked for them for an entire summer and they never delivered about $50 worth of stuff, "accidently" sent the bill to collections after it was paid off, and I was hounded by debt collectors for months.

I finally got that straightened out (although my credit took a hit that I'm still trying to resolve). And by the end of it they NEVER actually delivered the product.

I was "accidently" deactivated as a sales rep after a period of "innactivity" (because resolving billing issues for 4 months isn't considered activity?) and was told that I would have to pay the fee again to reinstate my account, and then I would have to order more products before they would be able to ship the backordered products that I already paid for.

Its been a year and I sent them receipts and demanded either the product or a refund and they routed me to India and I just wanted to blow up their headquarters (not that it's appropriate to incite violence on the internet but they just make me so angry!)

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