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April 29, 2010

Family BBQ's- Not for us

Our family in CA had a BBQ this past weekend. Lots of family and friends there.  But not us.  :-(   It is so hard to look at pictures of family having such a great time when you are not able to be there to enjoy it with them. I wish we could fly there this summer and visit. Airline fee's are RIDICULOUS right now and it just ain't happening.

I so miss summer BBQ's with family and that fun bond you make. My kids barely know there neices and nephews let alone uncles and aunts. The price you pay for being a military family.  It is the ONLY thing that really makes me sad is being so far from family. We used to be able to drive home every summer but now we live too far and we can't fly because buying plane tickets for 3 people plus luggage is not anywhere near my budget. Sure I could put it on a credit card but that really isn't an option.

I am planning a BBQ at our house with friends because since we can't have family here I can at least have a fun BBQ with friends. Gotta make the best of everything and be thankful.

My son on the other hand will be able to experience family BBQ's this summer. I ended up buying him a plane ticket home. He is SO excited and can't wait. he really wants to spend time with his cousins, Grandma's, Aunt's and Uncles. He is counting down the days to leave. I am excited for him.

My mom is visiting next week for a month!!!!  I AM EXCITED!!!  I really love having company come. Then when she leaves my brother and his daughter are coming. This will help my summer to go by quickly with family visiting and lots of softball.

Just a reminder- Armed Forces Day is coming up.
Many Blessings!


Renee said...

There is nothing I love more, and miss more, than a BBQ with my family. We are much smaller know, but the memories are still huge!

With my Love on deployment -they'll be no BBQs this year! :o( I could do it alone, but it sure wouldn't be worth it.

Have a great day!

A Marine's Wife! said...

have you checked Jet Blue prices? If you book directly through them, it's usually not TOO bad. But I hear ya, being far from home is the worst :( Cheer up..and have fun at your bbq!

addicted2shius said...

I'm sorry. In a way sometimes I am envious of you cuz you get to experience a new life in a new place you probably normally wouldn't go. Because of my hubby's MOS we're out here in CA, which is fine but since I grew up out here in CA I was hoping to experience what you have. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side huh?

Via said...

I miss family events now, and we haven't even PCSd yet! I'm definitely not excited about that!

Armed Forces Day--May 15th! Also our wedding day :)

Expat Girl said...

I know how you feel, we have a big faΜily reunion in Dublin in Sept and I am going to be the only one missing which believe me is an achievement considering how huge my Irish family are! I just cant spend the money to go when I will have a four month old and my husband who hasnt even met the extended family, let alone get to spend time with his daughter, is still deployed, I would feel so mean!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Oh I hate not being able to visit home! The airfare issue is so bad and it makes it even worse having to go so stinkin' long without seeing family.

♥ Mrs. S.

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