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April 28, 2010

God has plans

We found out that they changed our move time AGAIN!  UGH   We originally were going to be here for 4 years. Last year they said we were moving this spring, then he got deployment orders so they moved it to this fall. Well, now we just found out they moved it to next spring.  I have been so eager to move and get order's that I just broke down when Hubby called to tell me. He had called to see what positions are going to be open so we could start picking our bases. Instead he found out that they changed our move time. I was so mad and cried. He knew I was going to be upset and was quite thankful that he was far away.  I cursed the Air Force and finished our talk. I then called my mom because that is always the first person I call after anything happens. We talked for a bit and I cried. She gave me her wonderful words of encouragement.

After those phone calls I just sat on my couch in disbelief. I have always loved the Air Force and have never complained but this was down right ridiculous. How could they keep changing their minds like that? So frustrating.

After a couple hours of depression and MANY tears I calmed down. It was time to press on and dry my tears. No time in my life ot be angry for a long period of time. I knew I needed to cheer myself up before I picked the kids up from school. After all- it is my attitude that affects the whole family. If I am in bad spirits and negative then  I know there will be a ton of it from them.

So I put my happy face on and became the good military wife again and said "No problem". I can make this work and will stay positive. I  know that nothing I do will change our move time. No need to get myself all worked up while he is gone and I already have enough on my mind.

I had already scheduled for a Realtor to come before this news hit me. I didn't want to cancel our appointment and figured I would try to sell the house anyways since we are eventually going to move. I really want to move back on base and have been stressed about selling the house since they day we signed the papers. So the Realtor came and we had a great conversation. We made plans to meet the following week to look at houses in my neighborhood to compare to and to go over numbers.

A week later she came and this is when I learned why God changed our move.  My neighbor had sold her house-cheap. Other houses in the neighborhood were not going for much either. I could sell but my out of pocket expenses would be above $6K at closing. We do not have $6K sitting in an account waiting to be used.  I then knew that is why our move was changed. It wasn't the right time to sell our house.

God didn't want that stress on me while Hubby was gone. He wanted us to wait for a better time.


Donna said...

Cheryl, I absolutely believe that everything happens for a reason. It is partly about the money, and I really believe that more will reveal itself to you during the extra time you have to stay. Maybe its also that the perfect next post for your family isn't quite available yet. But it will be in the near-future...and it will be amazing!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Sometimes it is so hard to put it all in His hands but once we do we become lighter and happier knowing we can't control it and that perhaps we shouldn't control it because He really does know best.

♥ Mrs. S.

Julie said...

Flexibility is the key to airpower!!! That's what we ALWAYS said after a bombshell revelation was dropped at a staff meeting or someone got unexpected paperwork for a deployment, PCS or some other unhappy change of plans. Although nothing is more personal that uprooting your family and moving, do try not to take the change personally. The Air Force is so lucky to have you guys within its ranks!! Good luck with everything and maybe this change means you guys will end up somewhere REALLY REALLY awesome.

addicted2shius said...

Honestly, I have been waiting for another wife to blog about the difficulties & challenges our lives as military wives are & I can relate to yours on so many levels (so I'm letting you ahead of time I might reference your page). You are an inspiration to me, I struggle as a semi-new mom & semi new military wife so it's refreshing to see other wives tell it like it is. I, like you, need to be grateful for all the blessing God has shown my family. And remember how much my attitude affects my entire family. Happy wife=happy life right? Thanks for putting my life in check yet again :)

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