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April 11, 2010

Print your Blog into a book

I saw this really cool website where you can print your blog into a book.  What a grat way to end my deployment with a journal of all the moments. The cost is actually not expensive and the books look awesome.  I am excited to get it printed when he returns to have a keepsake of that time.  

Check it out:

I do not reap any rewards by sharing the site. I just think it is cool and want to share.  :-)

Many Blessings,


Gaile said...

This is FANTASTIC! I had already planned to print out my blog after deployment ends, just as a keepsake - and was dreading copying/pasting it all and formatting it into something I print. Now I won't have to do any of that!

I think I will order a copy of my pregnancy blog after the baby comes, too - what great baby book that will be!

Amber said...

This is EXACTLY what I am doing for my deployment blog that I have, "Goodnight moon!".

What a cute blog! I am now a follower:)

Laura said...

I might just do that. I've been trying to actually keep a journal as well, but I find that by the time I'm done writing the blog post for the day I don't even want to write any more in a personal journal haha.

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