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April 23, 2010

Show your blog!!

I love having followers! I also love following.  :-)

I check when I have new followers but it doesn't always show me what your blog address is.


Please post in the comment form your Blog or website so I can follow you and some others as well.  :-)


KelleeLyn said...

I just started following, i'm also a Milspouse blogger! :-)

My Goal is Simple said...

I enjoy reading your blog. :)

Lingars 2 said...

Hi Cheryl! I am loving reading your blog! My husband is also deployed right now and I'll be packing us out from the UK and as soon as he returns we'll be heading to Hurlburt Field in FL! I can totally sympathize with what you're going through! Thanks for sharing your journey with us! Have a blessed and wonderful day!

Via said...

I actually just started following at well! I'm also a Milspouse blogger (AF, and technically not for three weeks!).

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Oh I'm a newbie follower!! I linked up your button and can't wait to get to know you better. Yay for AF wives!!!

♥ Mrs. S.

Chantal said...

Mine is:, but keep a look out because I'm going to change my blog when my husband deploys!

Gaile said...

I think you are already follwing mine, but I have the same problem - can't link to the blogs of many of my followers.
Here's mine:

A Marine's Wife! said...

Hi! I actually just found your page! And loving what I see so far!

taking your button too!!

chambanachik said...

Love your blog! Mine is:

Staff Sergeant's Wife said...

Your blog is cute! I would love to follow you. My husband is about to deploy. I'm an Army wife. He leaves on Tuesday. =( Feel free to follow me too! =)

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