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April 12, 2010

Hubby is trying to taunt me....

We are supposed to be getting orders this summer. Hubby knows that I am really ready to move. I am constantly asking him if he has found out his list of choices and to make sure we are still on the fall move list.

He sent m an email this morning saying he called and has good and bad news.....NOTHING ELSE

Are you kidding me?  AAAAHHHH

I can't just call him and get the info. I am at his mercy until he writes me another email or calls this afternoon. Luckily the Realtor is coming this afternoon so I will be seriously busy with housework but STILL- It is driving me nuts.

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Mira said...

good luck with the house! :) We are waiting on our orders as well but we are sticking to our house in Florida no matter where we actually live.

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