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April 20, 2010

Weekly Madness

Last week was a busy week as usual filled with lots of crazy madness that I have to laugh at. My teenage son just loves to keep my mind in constant awe of his choices. He watered the flowers in the front yard one day and forgot to turn the hose off. I noticed my sump pump running at 1030 at night and couldn't figure out why. We hadn't had rain in about a month so I was now thinking that we had a water leak somewhere. yes indeed- my son left the hose on for 6.5 hours and was flooding the front side of the house. That same night he turned the AC on in the house when the windows were all open adn he snuggled under his blanket. Obviously not THAT hot. Another day he decided he was going to trim our bushes- without telling me. Finally find out when my daughter starts calling me that I need to check out the front yard. Keep in mind that I am getting ready to put my house pn the market in 2 days! I go out there and my beautiful full bushes are now really small rectangles and are all uneven. GOD help me restrain myself. The fun is endless with the things he comes up with. Another token fun time was when he wanted to test our smoke detectors so he used a lighter and put it up there. No- don't notice the TEST BUTTON just go ahead and light the smoke detector on fire. There was burn marks all over it and he didn't know that ALL the alarms would go off in the house. Oh my!

So- yes I have to laugh at all the marvels my son has to offer. He really is a great kid with a great heart but he just doesn't always think.  He is definitely keeping me on my toes. I am constantly eyeing him to make sure I keep ahead of him a little.

Well, I am going to be putting the house on the market tomorrow. been doing LOTS of painting, packing, moving furniture and other household things.  Have a few more things to get done before I will be completly happy but am trying not to stress about it. Just taking one task at a time and go from there.  :-)

Many Blessings,


Renee said...

I had to laugh at your post! My children are young adults now... we recently went on a family vacationbefore my husband's deployment. The kids were bringing up all kinds of acntics that we laugh about now... like the time our youngest some vacuumned the kitty poop out of the litter box so he wouldn't have to scoop it!!
Got to love it!

Donna said...

You have to laugh, don't you. In my case its my husband - last week he went to get something out of his motorcycle in the middle of the night, and left the keys in the engine and the indicators flashing....until a neighbour came to ask us if we knew about it hours later. I think the sleep deprivation may be getting to him!

Gaile said...

Wow Cheryl, I'm not selling my house any time soon, but other than that, we might be living parallel lives!
My blog tonight (as soon as I calm myself down enough to WRITE it) is about my teenager's latest 'questionable decision'.....he took his swiss army knife to SCHOOL today! Now facing explusion.
Reading your post makes me want to put up a picture of what he did to MY front yard shrubs 2 days ago.....I will do that tomorrow LOL

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