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April 21, 2010

The internet is my Demise

I LOVE the internet.  The amount of information out there is amazing. It never fails that any questions I have I can turn to the internet. I like when I watch a true story on TV then can look up factual information about it. but mostly I love how it keeps me in touch with family and friends.

Facebook for instance.

Good golly I don't want to think about how much of my life I have lost on Facebook.  I think it is so great to find old classmates and see what everyone is doing. I never was able to keep up with other military friends I had met and now we talk all the time.  It is so great that you don't have to Instant message people to have a conversation with them. You can leave comments or send them personal messages and know that you can later check up on it.

This Blog for another example.

I have always wanted to keep a journal of our military life but have terrible handwriting and just never really started one in a "Word" document. Now, I have this blog and it has been great. It is so wonderful to be able to weite my thoughts and read other peoples thoughts. Especially during this deployment I love reading about other wives going through the same thing, feeling the same thing. I go through my blog list every day and read everyones updates. i might not comment as much as I want but I AM reading it.  :-) 

Here are some funny pictures that I found that I thought I would share. They really make me laugh.  Jope they put a smile on your face. Do any of them resemble you???   LOL


Gaile said...

HA HA HA! Yes, those are all me. And yesterday I could not even BLOG about my terrible day until I relaxed and unwound by reading all the blogs I follow - it's even better than facebook!
So glad we all share this addiction, it's getting me through some pretty ICKY reality in my life.

Jen said...

My name is Jen, and I am addicted to the internet. I honestly could do without TV and not miss it much, but the internet, oh no!

I also like to research the heck out of everything, read message boards, and blogs. It's voyerisim at it's best!

addicted2shius said...

Hah! I actually just started up blogging but I do love reading about other people's lives and hearing their stories. But Facebook I'm all over...soooooo addicting.

Just thought I'd say hi (new follower), hopefully you can follow me back sometime


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